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If you need well trained Nurses and Caretakers at your own home for 12 Hrs. or 24 Hrs. Leave your Phone number, we will connect you.

Home Care Services

Today, there are more and more patients who prefer to stay home for their recovery and to keep their comfortable life style. Family also prefers home health care for their loved ones. Home Health Care services are provided at home or at the facility, like Senior Living places or Assisted Living Facility. Home Health Care services has always played a very vital role in the patients’ life and keeping them healthy and happy at home. There is no place like Home.

Home Health Care services are available to the patients who are Homebound, Bedbound, Wheelchair bound, or needed assistance is Daily Activities of Living (ADL). Home Health Care services are covered services under most of the insurances.

Home Health Care services are always provided under direct supervision of the physician and approved Plan of Care. Every patient on home health care services has written Plan of Care and Goals.

About us

We are an agency which is a Medicare Certified home health care provider serving in Hyderabad, Secunderabad and Karimnagar. We provide coordinated and comprehensive home health care to home bound individuals in their place of residence.


We are a compassionate organization whose first responsibility is to serve our patients by meeting their needs with competent skills, serve our patients by meeting their needs with competent skills, compassion, privacy and respect regardless of race, creed, color, sex, handicap, or national origin.

We value our employees, treating them with utmost pride and esteem, recognizing their contributions to the organization.

We are dedicated to observing the highest ethical principles and impeccable integrity using the team approach under the direction of the physician.

Our focus toward the future is to sustain and enhance our services to the community by providing Healing and wellness for the whole person.

Our Core Values:

  • Excellence in Service
  • Dignity and Respect
  • Professionalism and Dedication
  • Commitment and Trust

Our Mission

This Agency’s mission is to be the premier and leading home health care provider by providing the highest standard of comprehensive health care services through thoroughly trained professional staff.

  • Continually and Consistently exceed the expectations of our clients
  • Recognized for our Passion
  • Recognized for our Passion
  • Represent the best possible value to our customers and the company
  • Insure job satisfaction and professional growth as well as security for all our employees


Our vision is to become the health care organization of choice with a commitment to be the most competent, responsible and reputable, health care team in the communities we serve.

Our Services

London Marcos is the most searchable company in Hyderabad,Karimnagar for Home Nurses, Attender,CareTakers etc. We are provide following services.

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What is Home Care?

Home care includes any professional support services that allow a person to live safely in their home. In-home care services can help someone who is aging and needs assistance to live independently; is managing chronic health issues; is recovering from a medical setback; or has special needs or a disability. Professional caregivers such as nurses, aides, and therapists provide short-term or long-term care in the home, depending on a person’s needs.

The care you need in the place you love

Home care can be the key to achieving the highest quality of life possible. It can enable safety, security, and increased independence; it can ease management of an ongoing medical condition; it can help avoid unnecessary hospitalization; it can aid with recovery after an illness, injury, or hospital stay—all through care given in the comfort and familiarity of home. Home care can include:

  • Help with daily activities such as dressing and bathing
  • Assistance with safely managing tasks around the house
  • Companionship
  • Therapy and rehabilitative services
  • Short- or long-term nursing care for an illness, disease, or disability—including tracheostomy and ventilator care

Types of home care?

Not all home care providers offer all the different types of home care services. This short guide will provide an overview of the different types of home care. Care is customized to your individual needs and may include services from one or more of the types described. Contacting a provider to discuss your needs can help determine what care is best for you.


While the multiple types of home care may serve different needs, they share a common goal: to enable happier, more independent living for the people receiving care, and to provide support and peace of mind for their families.

Source:- bayada



Help with everyday activities like bathing and dressing, meal preparation, and household tasks to enable independence and safety.

Also known as..

Non-medical care, home health aide services, senior care, homemaker care, assistive care, or companion care.


Long-term, hourly nursing care at home for adults with a chronic illness, injury, or disability etc.

Also known as..

Home-based skilled nursing, long-term nursing care, catastrophic care, tracheostomy care, ventilator care, nursing care, shift nursing, hourly nursing, or adult nursing.


Short-term, physician-directed care designed to help a patient prevent or recover from an illness, injury, or hospital stay.

Also known as..

Medicare-certified home health care, intermittent skilled care, or visiting nurse services.

What Our Clients Who Have Service From Our Company Did Say?


Mr. A.M Nayeem, Karimnagar,Telangana.I highly recommended London Marcos for male caretaker service at your home. We get 24 hrs service for my father at our home, London Marcos provide us best service for my father.Company's staff is well trained and live and keep neat and clean.

M.A Nayeem

Mrs. Hafsha Anjum, Hyderabad. We get attender for my mother for one year. London Marcos's attender is well trained and she give her best during her service.London Marcos is best Home caretaker provider in Hyderabad. Thank you London Marcos.

Mrs. Hafsha Anjum

I am Muhammad Sarwar from Karimnagar, Telangana. Firstly we get service for my father and now we continue service for my mother.London Marcos provide best service to us, with highly trained Attenders.

Muhammad Sarwar

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The client would provide a safe and secure environment for the Caregiver to do her proper duty. The Client ensures that there is no abusive language, verbal, mental or physical harassment at Patient’s location. The client would give respect and treated patience and kindness to the caregiver.
  • The Caregiver would not utilize him/her for a Job outside the scope of him/her duty.
  • Inform us about any misconduct or failure of the Caregiver to comply with the undertaking mentioned in this Booklet.
  • The client is responsible for the safety and safekeeping of Patients goods and belongings.
  • Give permission to only London Marcos authorized employee and Caregivers entry into Patients home, on prior appointment. All our staff has identity cards. You can check to confirm each visit. In case of finding any misunderstanding, you can call our customer care number to verify.
  • The client should be Register the Caregiver with the local police station as an additional precautionary measure.
  • Do not give money or make unauthorized payment to the Caregiver or London Marcos staff.
  • The client would be responsible for Provide Caregiver tools and equipment to carry out his/her Job including “Personal Protective Equipment’ like disposable gloves, masks, apron, etc. to care for the Patient.
  • Inform Caregiver and London Marcos medical team if the Patient is suffering from any infectious disease like TB, HIV/AIDS, and Hepatitis which can adversely affect the health of the Caregiver or the medical team.
  • You should inform about medical attention to Caregiver in case of any sickness or accident and inform London Marcos’s representative without any delay.
  • The client would not be forced the Caregiver against her/his wishes. Keeping Caregiver against her wishes construes illegal detention and only the Client will be responsible for any contingencies arising from the behavior of the Client or any harm done to the Caregiver, thereafter.
  • Client’s responsibility for providing food and accommodation for a caregiver
  • The client would be given a weekly day off for caregiver who has fixed period engagement.

Leave Your Phone Number, Our Experts Will Call You

If you need well trained Nurses and Caretakers at your own home for 12 Hrs. or 24 Hrs. Leave your Phone number, we will connect you.

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